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Best Emulator PSP for Android

If you ever had a PSP, you will understand just how fun they were in their prime. But now that smartphones and tablets have kicked off, why carry around a PSP? Now, you can actually emulate PSP games onAndroid. The PSP was eventually discontinued and replaced with the Playstation Vita, but you can still play those great PSP games on your Android tablet.

One of the best emulators for PSP on Android would have to be PPSSPP. An early release of PPSSPP made its way to the google play store in early 2013. The best part about this emulators that you can boot game back ups and actually run games at full speed. This isn’t the norm for previous PSP emulators on Android.

PPSSPP has brought back the PSP, but to Android devices around the world. This means classic games like Rainbow Six Vegas and Final Fantasy II are now playable on the Android OS. Follow the quick guide below to downloading and installing the best emulator for PSP on Android.

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Downloading and Installing PPSSPP

PPSSPP is available from the google Play store for free. There is also a Gold version but only get that if you want to support the team for further development, otherwise they are the same.

PPSSPP does not come with games to play, so you will have to get your hands on some yourself. This is because if it came with games, the app developers would be breaking the law. There are games available across the internet, so go and get some if you want to play them. Incase you didn’t know, it is illegal to download these games if you don’t already own them. The games available on the internet are always in the format CSO or ISO. There is also software that lets you get these files from your PSP that you already own.

Playing PPSSPP

When you load your first PSP game in PPSSPP, you will need to put it into the root folder of your Android device. You can do this using a USB cable or file manager program.

Then, launch PPSSPP and choose ‘Load’ to get to your game. I wouldn’t change any settings, as everything seems to work pretty well as default.

From then, you will be playing that classic PSP game, all on your Android device! Most games should run at full speed. There is a compatibility list though, so check there before you put any effort into getting those games.

Some games that are known to work very well include Puzzle Quest, Dragon Ball Evolution, Legend of Heroes, Wipeout Pure, God of War, Castlevania Dracula X, GTA Vice City Stories and Liberty City Stories, as well as Little Big Planet.

Removing the App

If you are looking to get rid of the application, you can just delete it like you would any other app on your device. To get rid of the games, just delete the files you originally put there. No extra files will be created and all will be removed if you do those two things.

So go on, have fun playing PSP on your Android device.

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