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Get Flappy Bird Back on Android Tablets and Smartphones

Flappy Bird is gone. Yep, its true. People are coming to terms with it, but many are struggling. The developer has taken off and you can no longer purchase Flappy Bird on either the Google Play or iTunes App Stores.

Fortunately, gamers have found a sneaky way to get the game back onto your Android smartphone or tablet.

Nobody knows why the game was removed in the first place, and speculation towards a sequel has halted.

Android users have found a way around this, with a few steps to get the Flappy Bird game back onto an Android device.

Here is a step by step guide to getting Flappy Bird back onto an Android smartphone or tablet:

One: Find the Flappy Bird APK on Google.

Two: If Google blocks that site, just look it up in a torrent site.

Three: On your device, allow installation of unknown apps via a checkbox in Settings, Security, Unknown Sources. Tap OK.

Four: Copy the file onto your device via SD or cable.

Five: Use File Explorer (available on Google Play) to open and install the game.

Flappy Bird should now be installed on your Android device.

The file size is less than a megabyte so there is no need to worry about storage space. This is a simple and easy way to get the game back onto your device. Whether or not it is legal is questionable, as it is assumed the available files are not legal copies of the game. While we don’t condone this, its up to you!

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