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Netflix Coming To Australia

If you watch TV and movies, you probably already know about Netflix. If you don’t, and you live in Australia, your chance is coming soon with the official Netflix Australia release.

Netflix has been lacking in Australia since its release, but Australians have found workarounds to access services like Netflix and Hulu Plus, which are normally geo blocked. By using a proxy or VPN, Aussie users could gain access to Netflix and Hulu. But now, the need to hide your IP address is no more. Australians will soon receive their very own official release of Netflix.

Australia already has its own version of Netflix, called Quickflix. Unfortunately, the content available on this platform is poor when compared to overseas competitors. Netflix coming to Australia isn’t great news for Quickflix, but consumers are happy. Netflix will bring full high definition and even 4K Ultra high definition content, ready to stream to our living room TVs, computers, mobiles and tablets.

Netflix is already available in many locations around the world, including the US, UK, France, Sweden, Germany and other European locations. Australia and New Zealand are next on the list.

The coming of Netflix to Australia will provide consumers with a more user friendly, and most importantly, cost effective method of streaming content. Could this lower piracy in Australia? It could, but piracy will probably still reign a popular method of accessing content from around the world. But Netflix is a move in the right direction, likely to at least lower piracy to some extent.

Netflix will bring a number of new shows to Australian living rooms, including its very own Orange is the New Black, Daredevil and many popular US shows like Arrested Development, Family Guy and more.
The success of Netflix in Australia is pretty much guaranteed, purely on the basis that there is very little competition in terms of TV and Movie streaming services in Australia. There are a lot of free offerings, like iView and TenPlay, but these offerings fail to deliver the international content that Australian consumers demand.

With the release of Netflix in Australia, we could see a big shift in the way Australians consume TV and movie content.

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