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PostLoop Review: Get Paid To Post in Forums, Boost Forum Exposure

PostLoop gives writers and bloggers  a quick way to earn from posting and commenting in forums and blogs. PostLoop also gives forum owners a way to boost forum exposure and gain more posts from quality contributors.

PostLoop works so well because it works for everybody. No matter your speed of writing. you can write for PostLoop. PostLoop does have one requirement, English fluency. So if you can write well in English, you can make money on PostLoop. Normally I would not advocate a ‘make money online’ kind of website, but for me, PostLoop has been different. I actually am making money online with PostLoop. It is suprisingly easy, and I am actually enjoying it too.

PostLoop offers PayPal payouts internationally, so withdrawing is easy and painless. I recently withdrew some points for cash and it was approved within a day.

Why Use PostLoop?

PostLoop is a great way for content writers to make money writing, and for forum and blog owners to gain exposure to their online communities.

Writing Content

Most revenue sharing blogs take time to actually earn money and generally require quite a lot of work. This is a great way to earn, but why not earn some quick cash with PostLoop while you are waiting for your other income avenues to take off. PostLoop is an easy way to create a steady income. It may not be a huge one, but I can guarantee if you make regular contributions you could easily find yourself withdrawing about 100 to 200 dollars a month.

Starting On PostLoop

When you sign up to PostLoop, you will need to make ten contributions to the PostLoop forum. This might sound like a lot, but I managed to do it in ten minutes. I was approved after 24 hours, and received a rating of 4.5 out of 5. The higher a rating you receive, the more bonus points you will get for every comment or forum post you make. So it is probably a good idea to make decent contributions. I find a paragraph per post works well.

You will be accepted or rejected based on the following: spelling and grammar, post length, and post relevance. It sounds like a lot but when you find interesting forums it is hard not to get into it.

Below you can see the application process:

When You Are Accepted

Once you have been accepted to PostLoop, you can subscribe to forums and blogs listed on the site. These have been set up by the forum and blog owners and moderators. PostLoop offers a great interface that lets you keep track of how many posts you have made on each site, and how many points you have received for those posts. All you have to do is make some good posts on a number of sites like you normally would, but reap the benefits with PostLoop!

Earning Points

The sites and forums listed on PostLoop each have a number of allocated points. You can earn these points by posting for those sites. You will earn more points per post by posting quality posts, receiving bonus points and receiving good ratings. The higher your rating, the higher your points per post. Moderators can also give you bonus points, so make sure you write something good!

Withdrawing Points for Cash

In order to cash out there are two simple requirememts. The first is that you must have atleast 100 points.This will get you 5 dollars. So not bad for an hour of writing comments. That is on average how long it takes me to earn 100 points, if not less. The second requirement is a user rating higher than the average user rating. This rating generally sits at around 3.5 to 3.7, hence the importance of making quality posts.

You can see your points earned and rating on your dashboard, as well as the average user rating and the withdrawal process on the Withdrawal page. You can withdraw via PayPal.

Blog and Forum Owners

When you make a new forum or website, it is hard to gain new subscribers and contributors. This is where PostLoop actually does an amazing job. Since signing up, I have received a bunch of new subscribers and commenters, all offering quality comments. PostLoop is probably one of the best ways of increasing user engagement I have ever come across.

PostLoop is a very active site, so getting new contributors and subscribers is a generally quick process if you are offering some good content. You can really give you blog or forum the initial bost it needs by using PostLoop. You can also purchase points to speed up the process.

The same sign up process applies for forum and blog owners. You will still need to submit ten quality posts. Once you are approved, you can add your forum or blog, assign a minimum user rating for contributors, and earn points or purchase points. These points will be traded for comments and contributions on your forum or blog.

To add your site, you need to upload a small file to your sites root directory. You can do this using an FTP client like FileZilla or Coda. Once you have done so, you can verify your site and start earning points or receiving comments and contributions.

You can also set a long description that new subscribers from PostLoop will see. You can specify your requirements for posting and any bonuses you might be willing to give to increase user engagement. You can also limit how many posts each user can post each day to avoid spamming.

Rating Users

If you are receiving comments or contributions, after 5 posts from one user, you can rate them from 1 to 5. As previously mentioned, a higher rating will give them more bonus points. You can do so anonymously or openly. When you give a rating, you will also get 3 bonus points.

How PostLoop Helps Me

Not only do I earn money from PostLoop, but my site has been receiving a lot more attention. PostLoop has turned out to be one of my primary advertising and user engagement methods. It increases traffic and engagement, and gets my site out there. I am receiving new subscribers and new comments on a daily basis. I am also earning money, cashing out my points and having a great time posting on forums and other blogs. I can’t wait to see the long term impact PostLoop has on my site. It can only be positive.

Referral Program

By referring members to PostLoop, you can earn 20 percent of whatever they do. This is  great way to make some extra cash or earn some extra points.

Final Say

Honestly, PostLoop is a life saver. I was worried about how I could increase user engagement, and PostLoop answered my calls. I now have more active contributors, increasing on a daily basis. I am also earnign a nice sum of money from the site. I suggest you try PostLoop out for yourself and see how it can help you too. There is no harm in doing so!

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