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How To Install Windows 10 In A Virtual Machine

The Windows 10 preview is now available for installation on your very own computer. You can test out the brand new Windows 10 operating system, set to be completed by 2015. This is a developers preview, so it is likely that there are a number of bugs to smooth out, and maybe even some major changes. But, a lot of us are curious or would like to start testing out the Windows 10 operating system now. By installing Windows 10 on a virtual machine, you can keep your original operating system while still being able to test out Windows 10.

Virtual machines basically run an OS within an OS. You can do this on both Mac and Windows computers, with a tonne of software available for creating and running virtual machines. VMWare and Parallels are two great virtual machine apps for OS X.

Check out the video below that runs through installing Windows 10 in a virtual machine on your current operating system. This is truly the safest way to install Windows 10, as you are avoiding a direct install.

What You Need:

  • Windows 10 ISO – available from Microsoft
  • Virtual machine software. Recommended are VirtualBox for Windows, Parallels for OS X.

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