Through the years are passed by history, cars play a great role in making world history in fame. We witnessed different models launched on the market, a lot of them made a record for being best-selling cars in history. Because of this record, the eagerness of automobile companies become the inspiration for them to create and discover a car model that could put them on the top of the record. In the worlds’ history, this is the best-selling cars worldwide.
1. Toyota Corolla
In the history of the car industry, this car mode was on the peak of the record of having the 43 million sold models of Toyota Corolla. As of now, no other models could surpass the success that they made in history. The company of the said model earns billion of profits in terms of launching it in the market.
2. Ford F-Series
The first Ford F-Series was launched in 1948, and as the years passed by the model was changed up to its very best feature. As of now, almost 40 million models have been sold in the market worldwide. The company of this model was declared as the undisputed chief of pickup cars.
3. Volkswagen Golf
This model was popular in the term of Golf or The Rabbit, in the history of Volkswagen, this is their best-selling models with 30 million sold in the market worldwide. This was launched since 2006 in the market, and starting from that moment, the journey of this model conquer the automobile industry.
4. Volkswagen Bettle
Almost 23.5 million units of this bug-like model have been sold in the market worldwide. Despite its freewheeling 60’s features, the models are said to the longest running car model in history.
5. Honda Civic
As of the latest data, this model sold almost 18.5 million units all over the world. This achievement put the Honda Company on the business of car making.

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