Volvo cars are popular in the field of high- tech and with high quality cars. This company was in the business industry since 1927, and its 92 years of providing the people with luxurious car inventions. They are already venturing exportation, and they already reach all countries worldwide. For almost 2,300 national sales companies worldwide, their largest markets are in China, Sweden, the United States, and European.
The company was established as the subsidiary company and owned by Swedish: Svenska Kallugerfabriken, and this is intentionally created to use for special series of ball bearing for the benefit of the American Market. However, the said purpose did not lead them to success and end to automobiles, which bring them on the top of the market worldwide. Since 1999, Volvo cars are interconnected to the famous Ford Motor Company.
The first Volvo Cars created was lunch on April 14, 1927, called Volvo ÖV 4. After that, the company was inspired to produce more cabriolet and closed-top vehicles. The second Volvo Car was created is called Volvo PV444 and known to be the smallest Volvo car, yet it put the Volvo Cars in fame, especially to the American Market.
As the year pass, Volvo Cars created different kind of cars that become well-known in the industry of automobiles. They designed and discovered new models with high- quality, their advancement involved every year. Their latest car model is the Volvo XC90 with high tech and automatic features.
Though the company suffers loses, especially in the year of 2008, they arranged with the Zhejiang Geely Holding Group based in China. During August 2, 2010, the deal was closed, and the agreement was all settled with $1.3 billion cash, $200 million notes, and other further payments were approved by both companies. Now, the journey of Volvo Cars travels continuously worldwide.

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